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Jerry Schultz loves entertaining at events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mizvahs, school dances, business events, birthday parties, and karaoke shows. His primary goal is to personalize your event in a fun and professional manner that will be remembered by the clients as well as the guests for years to come.
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  • Is creative, thorough, energetic, fun, and reduces stress by being an easy person with which to work.
  • Works closely with coordinators and other event professionals to develop a game-plan ahead of the event day.
  • Has over 20 years of experience which to share with clients to customize their events.
  • Has won many awards from such institutions as the Better Business Bureau and The Knot.
  • Is outstanding at doing ethnic events for people from all around the world.

Why I Love What I Do?

I love combining my creativity, knowledge of music, energy, and plan established with my clients to get as many people dancing (and/or singing) as much of the time as possible. When my clients are laughing and dancing (and/or singing), I get an extreme feeling of happiness that gets reinforced when years later I see them again and they express that their events were the best ever!

Why Choose Jerry Over His Competitors?

He is always attentive to every detail from the planning of the event to the actual performance the day of the event. He is very flexible with last minute adjustments that need to be made during events. Jerry takes whatever time is necessary to make sure everything it done the best it can be. He has been told he has the energy of several people and has been complimented for seizing on every occurrence that can be embellished upon in a creative way. That’s why clients and their guests have exclaimed whether shouting it out publicly at an event or privately after an event that he is the best. Clients have even expressed this fact before events at the final consultations.

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Jerry was wonderful as our DJ. He was incredibly knowledgeable about all genres of music and followed up with us multiple times before the wedding to ensure that we would have all of the correct songs played. We had unusual requests for all our ceremony songs and first dances, and he found them and played them exactly right. He did his best to get our wedding guests involved in all of our reception plans, and had a great attitude the whole time. He is wonderful and you should definitely pick him as your DJ.
-Reviewed On 7/05/2018 by Nora B

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